Saturday, March 03, 2012

Saturday lazying around

Well, not exactly. First, I went to Costco and cashed my American Express cashback check and bought a bunch of stuff that I needed (ink and paper for my printer, toothbrush refills for my sonic toothbrush, kimchi noodles, tissues), then went to the hardware store and got a new soap dispenser for the sink to replace the one with the broken stem. I also looked at the dishwasher and did a Dr. McCoy on it -- "she's dead, Jim", i.e., fixing it would require a new pump and new racks and that would cost more than a new dishwasher. Unfortunately it appears the dishwasher is pretty much tiled in... there's a half-inch lip where the subflooring for the tile was put down and there's not half an inch above the dishwasher to pick it up over that lip. It looks like some subflooring will have to be ripped out to make enough room to get the dishwasher out and a new one in, though maybe you could replace the pump and racks with it in place. Oh well. I'm not going to deal with that mess right now, I'll tell the landlord when I move out that it's broken, and he can fix it (or not) then (I don't need a dishwasher, given how few dishes I dirty hand-washing them is quite viable). In the meantime I unplugged it and disconnected the water to it so that nobody tries to run it and ends up making a mess.

TMF is still psycho. One moment he's curled up against Mencken warming his nose in Mencken's fur, a minute later after he jumps down from my bed to follow me to the kitchen he looks back at the sound of Mencken jumping down from my bed and lets out a gut-curdling howl and screech at this strange cat in *his* territory. Mencken's starting to get a bit of a dazed look to his eyes, like, "I'm living in a madhouse!". I don't blame him. TMF was curled up against me in the music room purring, Mencken came in, and... err. You know the rest of that story.

- Badtux the Tired Penguin


  1. That's the shits all the way around. I am transitioning Stretch to be much more of an outside cat as spring is close and it likes it. It was operated on and is now fully recovered full of piss and vinegar and has started to finally play. It's just a cat but a very nice one. How old is the MF?

    Not a bit of spam and I wish others would get rid of their capcha crap as it's been a real negative on commenting.

  2. You might be ready for a trip to the vet, especially if TMF is a senior cat (over 8-9). They do have problems with eyesight and sense of smell fading as they get older.

  3. Kitty pheromones! Seriously, they can work wonders.

  4. Lol. I too have a broken dishwasher in my kitchen. The guy I bought the house from told me it was broken and also unplugged and not hooked up to the plumbing. I really did plan on buying a new one but I don't really mind hand washing dishes. I kind of enjoy it even. So every time I had a few hundred dollars, I've always found something else I wanted more. It drives my mom crazy though but that is kind of a plus too. :) I have found that it makes a good place for storing returnables.

  5. Cheapest way but not the easiest way is to take the screws holding the counter top onto the cabinets out. Then have someone lift the counter top while you slide the old dishwasher out and the new one in. The easiest way of course is the plan you devised.
    Here at El Rancho de las Razones we use a whole heck of alot of paper plates purchased in the bulk packs from Sams or Costco.

  6. Dave, it is a tile countertop that is approximately twelve feet long, with the sink cut-out immediately to the right of the dishwasher for the tiled-in sink. Lifting the countertop is not feasible because it's a plywood base with building paper on top of the base (to protect the base from water penetration) and the tiles applied to the building paper (and up the backsplash behind the countertop), and you'd have to a) remove all the tiles of the backsplash and reapply them, and b) and you'd end up cracking tiles or cracking the grouting between tiles while lifting the countertop itself. It appears that someone laid pergo down on top of the original subflooring, then later laid vinyl down on top of the pergo, so in reality it boils down to removing a couple of pieces of pergo then replacing them and the vinyl flooring (which needs replacing anyhow), much cheaper than re-tiling the countertop and backsplash (what would end up having to be done there if you tried lifting the countertop).

    In other words, yes, I did consider that, and discarded it as an option, if it was a laminate countertop I would have done that lickity split tho ;).


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