Thursday, March 22, 2012

What ain't right ain't right

Tom Morello, "The Fabled City", off his album by that name.

Yeah, I know I've done this one before on the blog. But I've been playing it over and over for the past few days. By "playing", I mean actually making music, not listening to it. You won't see that, for legal reasons (Tom is probably cool about me covering it, but it'd technically be a copyright violation). So you get the real thing, which is far better than anything I do anyhow :).

- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. WSJ? WTF? Couldn't he have dropped some Molotov cocktails down the elevator shaft while he was there?

  2. Heh. yeah. The irony of this particular performance is why I featured it today rather than one of his other performances of the song. The hilarious thing is that the crowd clapping and cheering don't seem to have a clue that it's them that he's attacking!

    -- Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin

  3. The bankmaggots and their bootlickers are not the shiniest coins in the pocket, eh?

  4. I am so inept that I admire anyone who can produce music, so every time The Nightwatchman comes up on my play list, I will think of you playing his song!


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