Friday, March 02, 2012

Heat-seeking missile

If there's heat involved, The Mighty Fang is on it like a missile. I had just finished cleaning the oven, was allowing it to cool so I could wipe away the ash (it's a self-cleaning oven), and had taken all the stuff off the top to clean the still-warm top. Bam. Heat-seeking missile. The heat under the bathroom vanity warms up the lavatory bowl. Bam. Heat-seeking missile. Kick him out of the lavatory bowl, well, the hot air from under the lavatory is heat-soaking those tiles... bam. Heat-seeking missile. Sometimes I think the only reason TMF puts up with me is because I'm something warm to cuddle against in the evening after I turn off the heat...

-- Badtux the Warm-blooded Penguin


  1. You just now figured that out?

    Cats are natures heat sinks.
    It has always amazed me just how much heat a cat can absorb, even with a fur coat on!

    They freakin' live for it.

  2. Turn down the heat to turn up the affection.

  3. Busted, maybe they shoulda used cats instead of ceramic to deal with the heat of shuttle re-entry. Makes me wonder if the performance of the Air Force's air-to-air heat seeking missiles wouldn't be improved by cross-breeding their current IR sensors with cat eyes and noses. Oops, ASPCA just called, they're revoking my membership, my bad :).

    Nan, or turn down how much food is spit out by the food dispenser. They get *very* affectionate as feeding time approaches, they know I have *something* to do with food, and they've developed this whole ritual of purring and kneading that they appear to believe makes the food come out of the dispenser, in much the same way that many farmers appear to believe that muttering pleas with folded hands to an invisible sky demon makes it rain.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


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