Saturday, March 24, 2012

My status

My high speed Internet connection has gone completely down. Compost is sending a technician out early Monday morning to figure out what's wrong with it. Until my Internet is fixed daily music is at a halt since it's impractical to attempt to do that over a slow-speed modem connection. And no, I'm not going to use my employer's bandwidth to browse music videos during the workday.

-- Badtux the Almost-Internetless Penguin


  1. I will NEVER forget/forgive Dell service ;"It's the motherboard dude, just buy a New Computer!". Choke, spurt, warranty aside. Like I had another Grand to throw away. assholes.

  2. Yeah, Dell is on my black list at the moment; my two-year-old (out of warranty) Dell computer decided that both it's wired and wireless internet hardware were going to break down. So now I'm using external USB adapters for both -- it's waaay to soon to buy a new computer -- and muttering imprecations at Dell.

    Tux, sorry about the Comcast debacle. I think I hung up on one of their salespeople just the other day.


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