Sunday, March 04, 2012

Marines are pussies? Who coulda known!

So World Nut Daily sez the U.S. Marines need to be "more of a fighting force and less of a social experiment" 'cuz of a photo of two male Marines hugging and kissing at a base in Hawaii? WTF? Has Crazy Joe lost his fucking mind? The Marines have been kicking ass left and right in Trashcanistan and the World's Biggest Catbox for the past eleven years, they been fucking enemy's shit up like no other fighting force in history has fucked enemy's shit up, has he been on fucking Quaaludes all that time and sorta, like, forgot about that? Oh wait, that's right, we don't call him Crazy Joe Farah for nuttin'.

Way to go supportin' our troops, right-wing asshole. My suggestion to you: Do *not* go to a bar outsida Camp Lejeune and proclaim that Marines are pussies just 'cuz a coupla Marines groped each other. Your ass goin' to da *HOSPITAL* you try that shit in the presence of Marines that ain't got their commandin' officers around to order'em not to. Just sayin'.

-- Badtux the Known-a-few-Marines(*) Penguin
(*)Male, Female, gay, straight, don't matter, they were all kick-ass.


  1. Shhhh....hush, Badtux! LET them GO to the bar.....pleeeeeease?

  2. I didn't see what happened, sir. He must have tripped and fallen off the curb, sir.

  3. And every Marine in the bar would be saying the same thing, in one of those mysterious cases of temporary mass blindness that have never been adequately explained by science ;).


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