Thursday, March 01, 2012

Republican generosity in Michigan

Republicans in Michigan are cutting families off of food stamps and assistance programs, with this result:

Last week, while working on a documentary about hunger in Michigan, Russ Russell had an experience that left him speechless.

I was visiting with this family and one of the little boys said he wasn’t going to eat,” said Russell, development director for Forgotten Harvest, a Detroit-based nonprofit that rescues and redistributes fresh food. “He said, ‘Oh, I’m not eating dinner because it’s my brother’s turn tonight. Tomorrow is my night.’”

But the GOP in Michigan generously does provide GED programs. I'm sure this little boy thanks Republicans for their generosity in providing GED books every time that he goes to bed hungry. Or maybe not, since little boys need food, not GED books, the little ingrates.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Food stamps are what's standing between relative tranquility and massive burning, looting and anarchy by starving proles. As you've said, Tux, people -- especially sense-of-entitlement, chip-on-the-shoulder Americans -- do not lay down and die quietly. But maybe violent unrest is what the 1% want.

    Having poor people die, and utilizing the gun-toters of the State to shoot them down (which cements the police/army's loyalty to the State psychologically because when you do something that awful in the service of your masters, you become mentally committed as a way of reassuring yourself that you did the right thing) culls the herd of less-productive members. In an era of declining resources like oil, the fewer people consuming it means the longer it lasts. The 1% would be able to stretch out the remaining Peak Oil a lot longer if there were a lot fewer of us, eh?

  2. What I said on another blog:

    But sometimes I think our oligarchs want that explosion, why is the GOP government of Michigan kicking people off of food stamps when children go to bed hungry? Sure, they’re heartless automatons who have no idea what it’s like to actually be hungry (except voluntarily on one of the fad diets they’re so fond of), but they must know that sooner or later things will boil over. Do they *want* this to happen, so that they can get rid of Posse Comitatus and have the Army do a Fallujah on Detroit? They’ve been upset about all those blacks in Detroit soiling their Aryan state ever since the blacks moved up during WW2 to work in the tank factories, is this their end game of a genocidal plan? Do they *really* think they’ll get their desired result? Yes, the Army is mostly Southern crackers now, but still. The *President* isn’t a Southern cracker, and the Army still obeys the President. I hope. Because if that’s not true, we’re *really* fucked.

  3. By way of contrast, I offer this.


  4. Yeah. And now the State of Michigan had a budget surplus and evil mother fuckers are praising Snyder even though that money came out of the hides of our poorest children. It is disgusting.


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