Thursday, March 15, 2012


How many newspapers in Texas do you think are running the current Doonesbury cartoon making Texas look like fucking morons by mandating that abortion doctors sexually assault rape victims prior to aborting the fetus implanted there by the rapist? Not many, I suspect...

-- Badtux the "The GOP is the Taliban" Penguin


  1. The "fucking moron" disease is spreading, now our FM's here in Talabama are wanting to do the same thing. For a bunch of idiots that go around screaming "get the government out of your life", they sure are wanting to get government in a woman's vagina. Must all be "Pervert Fucking Morons". Why the hell can't they just watch porn on the internet like everyone else?
    I still don't see what the abortion issue has to do with job creation. What all the FM's said they were gonna do when they were begging for votes.

  2. Dave, the whole thing makes me so angry as to be almost speechless. I'm glad Doonesbury is tackling this, Trudeau has a long history of taking the outrage and expressing it in ways that are a bit less, uhm, let's just say that my father, a former sailor, would blanch at the language I use in private to describe these white pasty male rapist legislators. Well, if he weren't dead, anyhow.

    - Badtux the Outraged Penguin


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