Monday, March 19, 2012

Terrorist searched @ Chicago airport

Well, in fairness, many three year olds are a terror, but not ones in a body cast with a broken leg. Because his wheelchair set off the beeper, the poor little tyke was taken aside -- parents not allowed to come with him -- and searched.

If seeing a child like this being patted down like a convicted criminal checking into a prison makes you feel safe, you don’t belong on board an aircraft, you belong in a psychiatric hospital. Really. Get some help.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin



  1. Of course this annoys me but just as much is that there is little chance common sense will ever be used in this process.

    It appears this guy will be getting on an airplane late this year. I will be sooooo legal I tell you.

    When the time comes that shoes have to be removed "or else" under my breath many will take huge hits and starting way back when.

  2. After all he could have been wearing a diaper bomb! Poop of mass destruction!

  3. Yet another day in which I hate what is happening to my country SO much that I'd like to run away.

  4. A defrocked priest, no doubt. Well, I s'pose they gotta work somewhere.

  5. What do you suppose was going through the brain of the mindless Heimat Seicherheit goon as he was doing this? Aside from a dull "hum" of a motor running while disengaged from any actual work? I suppose he thought he was just following orders, doing what he had to do or he'd get in trouble and it might jeopardize his paycheque. No different to the people who delivered the supplies to Sobibor. And when it comes time to fire live ammunition into the mobs of anarchists who are blocking the streets in some American city this year, the same mindset will be at work amongst the gun-toting goons keeping order in the Land of the Free.


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