Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TMF killed my Mac :(

Grr! He jumped right up on it and knocked it off the music table!

Luckily it was my spare Mac that I used only for music. I can probably get all my data off of it. Not that there's much there that I don't have elsewhere. TMF can NOT manage to kill my big server, after all -- it weighs 80 pounds and could probably withstand an elephant!

So in other news I've been really, really, really busy at work. As in, from Friday afternoon to now, working 11-12 hour days getting a complex project to the point where I can breathe. As in, there were a dozen other people depending on me getting this done so they could do their own work. So if you're wondering why you're getting really short personal things rather than commentary on the economy, GOP thuggery, and so forth, this is it -- I *finally* got to leave the office on time today. Phew!

-- Badtux the Busy Penguin


  1. Fang has let you know his feelings on your work schedule. Cats are clever like that.

  2. The gravy will come later.

  3. Gravy can often be lumpy. You are alive, that is Good. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Your next jeep trip will feel that much sweeter.
    PS I hate it when my friends wreck my stuff like that. It is not a frat party with four feet here. The Saint Bernard has a taste for remote controls.

  4. There will come a day... many years hence... in which you will remember the crazy, work-driven, coffee-saturated project days with longing. Yes, you'll actually miss the experience. I know I do.


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