Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Right-wing thugs

Right wing thugs love to use violence against their opposition. Because, y'know, violence is manly and all that, and anybody who isn't a right wing thug is just a wuss and, like, fair game, y'know, just another animal, right?

So when I hear that left-wing Texas representative Wendy Davis's office was firebombed, I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised at all. This is the kind of thing that right-wing fascists are always doing, from Mussolini's Blackshirts onwards.

In November, what kind of people do you want to vote for? The people strutting around measuring their penis by how violent they can be against "the opposition" and who relish the thought of imposing their rule upon others at gunpoint, or people who wish to live in a civil society where there is rule of law, not rule of thug? Sadly, there's a big enough minority who want to be thugs that I fear for the safety of all Democratic politicians... I hope Obama's Secret Service detail is better than any Secret Service detail has ever been in the nation's history, because they'll have to be. Because right now Obama looks like the winner in November... and there's a lot of blackshirts frothing at the mouth about that.

-- Badtux the Civil Penguin


  1. BadTux, while I thought exact what you said, we do not yet know it was a Tea Party whacko or similar nutjob that did it. Until we know, I just don't feel comfortable tossing them under the bus without facts.

    Since I live just outside Sen. Davis district and support her actions, I know that she pissed off a lot more than "just" the right wing with several things. The leader in my clubhouse is Anti-Abortion/Pro-Life "true believers" rather than the hard right. I differentiate from the two because of the mishmash of people on both sides of this issue. I suspect the Doonesbury (unpublished by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, but noted in the paper as available online to view) attacking Texas new sonogram law may have been the last straw.

  2. Certainly the Christian Taliban is certainly a good possibility. Same shit, different shirt (theirs is the bloody shirt of the "persecuted" Christian). It was almost certainly a right-wing thug either way.

    - Badtux the "Same shit, different bag" Penguin

  3. Tux, first of all, the Dallas paper actually ran the Doonesbury strip last week. Yes, we're all shocked about that show of intelligence. Also, here's the latest on the fire-bombing in Fort Worth. http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/03/20/3824423/wendy-davis-fort-worth-office.html. Apparently, it was a homeless man who's more than a little disturbed. Had to look up the story since that's what they've been saying all day on the local NPR station. All that aside, I'm old enough to remember Bobby Kennedy in 1968 and George Wallace in the 1972 primaries. It could certainly get ugly between now and November as you've said.

  4. There has never been a civil society on this planet, and never will be.

  5. Good point BBC. Let's all just give up and fucking fire-bomb each other.



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