Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well, at least she didn't say "uppity"

But you just know that Laura Ingraham's guest host, Tammy Bruce, really wanted to use that word about the Obamas. And you can almost hear her fighting the urge to call Michelle Obama "nigger". Coding it behind the word "trash" doesn't hide the sentiment.

Ah yes, our right-wingers are letting the pointy hats cut off the flow of blood to their brains, methinks. Such bigotry is so.... 1929. Just like their economic policies.

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. It is weird to me how the right wingers are getting away with such racist remarks .I mean that I know the "confedrate spirit" never really was beaten back but I had thought that 21rst century customs would have buried that nasty idea from public discourse . I see that having an intelligent black man as President has brought the old insects back out from the basement . I grew up color free so it's all the more silly to me . Like a Chipmunk barking at my 2 Saint Bernards .
    a bemused w3ski

  2. uh , clarification due here ...
    Make that " color Blind " . as a kid I played war , with a Black kid , a Chinese kid , a German kid and a Japanese kid whose parents had been in an internment camp 20 years earlier . We traded who won on a regular basis . I call that integration in it's truest form , we accepted each other as is and our ancestors past as well .

  3. I can't believe these people are allowed to continue their crap without the FCC shutting them down.

  4. and did you see Ann Compton at the Presser tonight...???


    we have a LONG way to go....

  5. Fuck the right wingers.

    Not that I expect Obama to fix this mess, but I would go camping with him.

    I modified an LED light that I bought last year. SPIRITS PROJECTS

  6. This is the great thing about the United States: we get to express our opinions. The ability to freely express our opinions, I like to think though, should give rise to self-critique when one notices their views are at odds with another's. Its unfortunate, but it seems that Tammy Bruce reached the peak of her maturity in 1970. Heh, and people wonder why college degrees don't mean quite what they used to. Either that, or I'm too much of an ideologue.

  7. why is it with people with names like tammy bruce and melanie morgan and ann althouse all sound like bad country music stars who still stand by their man george

  8. Ha! We'll show 'em up in September. They're not supposed to wear white after Labor Day!


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