Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Mencken is purring on my lap. In 25 minutes I'm going to disturb him to get up and eat some tuna and noodles for lunch, then head down to the garage and work some more on prepping the Green Mule for sale -- going to finish getting the wiring straightened out from the various butcheries I did to it over the years to put on all sorts of accessories that aren't on the bike anymore, then put the original rear suspension links on and put the forks back into the OEM position and then put the gas tank back on and put some gas in it and go out riding one last time (but mostly so I can dial in the forks so that I get nice responsiveness from the steering but it doesn't do a high speed wobble). Then I'll take some pictures and list it on Craigslist for sale.

If time permits, I'll then go clean out the Jeep and finish the wiring for the 2m/70cm radio. And after all that, it's time to clean up my apartment a bit, it's starting to look very cluttered and messy...

Just another sleepy Sunday. Hope yours is sleepy too.

-- Badtux the Sunday Penguin


  1. Sure is, just got up from a short nap. I 'spose I better let the kittehs in from the porch before Einstein starts throwing a hissy-fit 'cause I got a nap in without him trying to be a blanket.

  2. Way too sleepy. Every time I sat down the eyes closed.


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