Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Republicans fomenting military coup

Headline news from World Nut Daily this morning is that a bunch of military officers are being incited to overthrow President Obama in a military coup under the feeble justification that being born in Hawaii makes him ineligible for the Presidency. World Nut Daily ("We're batshit crazy and so are you, our readers!") views a military coup against "evil socialist Obama" as a GOOD thing, in case you're wondering. Even though it would mean crossing the Rubicon and the end of American democracy, apparently the batshit crazy wing of the Republican Party believes that democracy is overrated, at least when democracy elects someone they don't like, such as anybody to the left of Caribou Barbie and John McInsane.

Well, at least these lunatics are letting the world see exactly what kind of people are running the Republican Party today -- complete nut-cases who hate democracy. I suppose that's better than the alternative, the Republican Party of the 1968-1992 timeframe, which was run by people who were Evil with a capital E but at least gave lip-service to democracy (in America, not elsewhere -- they loved overthrowing democracies elsewhere and replacing them with military dictatorships). I suppose dumb stupid crazy evil is preferable to smart wily sane evil any time of day because dumb, stupid, and crazy never wins elections while smart evil like Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan did, but sheesh. Republicans keep going this way, and we're going to have one-party rule for the rest of my life, assuming they don't succeed in overthrowing the government in a military coup anyhow.

-- Badtux the "Better evil, please?" Penguin

Oh yeah, a video of one of Wing Nut Daily's generals in action:


  1. Not only that but the commie/socialist preverts in the Obama administration are trying to rob the nutbags of their vital bodily fluids. At least I assume so.


    Oh, sure, they WANT you to believe it's there to kill germs. But chlorine is also a poison gas. It's monstrous, I tell you, monstrous. While I tend to favour Buck Turgidson's character in this movie (we share a name, after all) watching Gen. Ripper makes me long for a cool tumbler of grain and rain. If only it would ever rain here...

  3. Crossing the Rubicon? Clearly we've already crossed the Republicon...

    (Oops. One too many bottles of Sam Adams brown, I'm afraid...)


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