Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creating a story

So let's say that you're a reporter and you have nothing to report on because nothing is happening (for a change) in the Middle East hot spot where you're stationed. So what do you do?

Last week I reported on how Wing Nut Daily reported liberals censoring Wikipedia when Wikipedia editors scrubbed nutcase conspiracy theories from Wikipedia's entry on Obama. Now we find out that... hold your breath people... the nutcase conspiracy theories were being posted to Wikipedia by WND's Jerusalem bureau, which then used the inevitable reversions of the nutcase conspiracy theories as "does not meet Wikipedia standards for inclusion" as the "proof" for a story on how Wikipedia was run by rabid left-wing socialists or something.

Wow. That's like a garbage man going out and strewing garbage around, then using that to justify the need for more garbage men. Or a debater publishing an article under a straw name, then using that article to support his debate point. Or... oh what the hell. Let's just call it "dishonest hackery" and be done with it.

-- Badtux the Wingnut-spottin' Penguin


  1. Just a bunch of butt-head conservatards.

  2. Not that much different to realPresident Cheney's office feeding Judith Miller some bullshit story about Saddam Hussein having chemical weapons, then pointing to the story on Sunday teevee shows in order to frighten the public. Only, smaller and stupider in the case of Wing Nut Daily.


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