Monday, March 09, 2009

The conspiracy deepens...

Wing Nut Daily ("we're batshit crazy and so are you if you read us daily!") has been covering the vast liberal conspiracy in the media to cover up Obama Birth-Gate, the notion that Obama isn't really President because he isn't American despite the Hawaiian birth certificate validated by the Hawaii birth registry. Now Wing Nut Daily has found yet another part of the vast liberal conspiracy that is conspiring to deprive America of the truth that John McCain is President of the United States of America: Wikipedia.

Yes, Wikipedia. why, those dastardly Wikipedia editors keep reverting right-wing vandalism to the Obama pages as "not compliant with Wikipedia standards"! How dare they! Don't they know that standards are, like, a liberal conspiracy?! That is just utterly appalling, requiring all submissions to meet some basic quality standards, and un-American and elitist! But never fear, real conservatives know the truth about Obama -- that he's a foreigner who uses mind control on the American people! Woot!

Heh. Wingnuts. The only people who could make the shambolic mess that is the current Democratic Party look better than the Republican Party. And as long as the Republican Party embraces their wingnuts rather than exile them to the nether regions, they'll be just another has-been party incapable of electing people to national office. So keep it up, guys! We Democrats appreciate your efforts to improve our electoral chances :-).

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. They lost the election.
    They couldn't steal the election.
    They think (if a wingnut could actually do that) they should be the ONLY ones to hold the power in the United States.
    They can't stand the fact that the American people are fed up with their lies and corruption, that we are done with their bullshit.

    They REALLY need to get over this.

  2. Well, can't blame them for trying... it worked against Clinton. It took them 6 years to find the cum stained dress but it worked.

  3. Thanks -- although that might not be the exactly accurate word to describe my feelings -- for the link to the Conservapedia ravings on Obama. I first learned about the batshit counterpart to WikiP through teh General a few years ago -- splendid jape! -- but I imagined that it had gone defunct by now. But I find it's expanded like a cat pee stain on a good wool rug that you haven't cleaned up fast enough.

    The creepy thing about that entry (and everything else on Conservatardia) is that they're not doing it as a joke. There are fuckwits (I refuse to use the word "wingnut" because it's too gently benign, not harsh enough) who believe that shit. Whenever I get to thinking that I'm too paranoid, I'll recall that entry. It's reassuring to be able to say "At least I'm not that crazy!"

    Who was it that said "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But they don't get their own reality." Conservidiots say "Oh yeah?!? I've got a 6-foot-tall invisible rabbit who says different!"


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