Friday, March 06, 2009

Another heretic found!

Yes, another heretic Republican has been located by the enterprising investigators at World Nut Daily ("we're batshit crazy and so are you if you read us!"). This heretical RINO (Republican In Name Only) is Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.,who has referred constituents raising concerns over President Obama's eligibility to occupy the Oval Office to's debunking of the Obama Birth-Certificate-Gate conspiracy theory.

But of course, for sufferers of Obama Derangement Syndrome, mere evidence is something to be waved off as incidental, and World Nut Daily swiftly does so, noting that "relies for its answer partly on information from the Obama campaign", which of course renders the answer invalid, nevermind the birth announcement from a Hawaii newspaper or the statements by Hawaii state government officials or the statements by others who have directly handled the birth certificate! And nevermind that Sen. Kyl is ranked as one of the most conservative members of the Senate and is a personal friend of John McCain who both endorsed McCain and has been floated by McCain as a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012 and thus would have every reason to pump up Certificate-gate if there were any truth to the matter. He is diverging from Republican heterodoxy, and thus must be punished.

And this penguin applauds the efforts of World Nut Daily and other nutty birthers. They make the Republican Party look batshit crazy, and given how much Republican rule of the US ruined things over the past 8 years, the loonier the Republicans look, the better for the nation. So go ahead, World Nut Daily! Pump out the conspiracy theories, one two three, give us more, give us more, give us more nuttiness! We Democrats thank you for your insanity. You make us look good, which is hard to do given the shambolic nature of the Democratic Party, but you guys are doing it, yessiree!

-- Badtux the Appreciative Penguin


  1. It is nice isn't it , to see the rethuglickins implode like this . After the media fawning over them for the last 8 years this is refreshing . Really does make me want to bust out the popcorn and watch the "festivities ".
    Just remember " never turn your back on a live snake " and rethuglickins are snakier than any ole rattler or copperhead .
    an amused w3ski

  2. Here's a theory for WorldNut -- there WAS a male infant named "Barack Obama" born in Hawaii, but it was not THIS ONE currently in the White House. The real American citizen baby was murdered shortly after birth and a new Muslim baby was switched in his place. If the correct genetic testing is done on the alleged "Barack Obama" in the White House, and the bodies of his mother and father -- and recently deceased grandmother, for good measure -- are dug up and subjected to genetic testing, it will be found that the current "Barack Obama" is actually one of the many sons of Salim bin Laden.

    How's that for a batshit crazy idea? How long do you think it will take for something like that to come up at World Nut? The idea is not to get at the truth, but to feed far-out conspiracy theories to paranoid people who want to believe such shite. And to have something to hammer away at the target with, like the "bimbo explosions" were used to hammer at Clinton until they finally found Monica.

  3. so, if anybody out there wishes to post on the wing-nut daily, perhaps they'd be willing to make the simple statements of

    A) Any child, born to an american parent, wherever in the world that child may squirt out, is a 'natural born american citizen'.

    B) McCain was born in Panama.

    go figure..

    no wing-nuts were harmed in the making of this post..

  4. World Nut Daily ("A Nutty Press for a Nutty Party") doesn't allow comments on their stories, Durnik. They're a typical right-wing outfit, they cannot tolerate the thought of a liberal invasion flooding their site with thoughts unapproved by the Party. Unlike us "liberals", who enjoy listening to the thoughts of other people, the tighty righties literally break out in hives at the thought of having to listen to thoughts that are not Party-approved. So it goes.

    - Badtux the Blogging Penguin

  5. i hope the media keeps fawning over the GOP - because every day they look more and more insane -- not only is Kyl one of the creepiest looking (other than McConnell) but i believe he may be one of the stupidest as well (tho Kit Bond might have a stranglehold on that)


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