Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ah yes, the nuttiness continues...

In our last recap, World Nut Daily claimed that judges, not the voters, should choose who is President, and that President Obama's birth certificate was not President Obama's birth certificate and in fact was something else entirely that wasn't a birth certificate despite the fact that the Hawaii State Department of Vital Records and journalists who examined it say it's a birth certificate. Except it's not, because it doesn't have all the information that some birth certificates have on them, so it's not really a birth certificate and thus Obama is a Soviet agent planted on U.S. soil in 1991 in order to bring Communism to America. Or something like that.

And I just went over to World Nut Daily and... err... they're still at it. They even got Rep. Bill Posey (R-Tinfoilhat) to attempt to introduce a bill calling for only those candidates approved by the Guardian Council as meeting all requirements for the Presidency be allowed to run for President. Oh wait, sorry, that was the Iranian Constitution that set out that requirement, nevermind, but Bill Posey did try to bring the Iranian Constitution's requirement into U.S. law. Can't have anybody run who is not properly vetted, after all. Why, such an person might even decide to let women wear pants and flaunt their hair openly, or even expose a little thigh or something! And then the whole Iranian Revolution will collapse in an orgy of lust! Oh wait, I'm getting Rep. Posey confused with the Iranian Parliament again, oops, sorry. It's just so hard to tell the difference between them sometimes!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

PS: I don't have an original copy of my birth certificate, and the original on file with the state got destroyed when the Federal Flood after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, which is where the Louisiana Department of Vital Records was located. However, all that information was entered into computers long ago and the backup tapes were *not* lost in the flood, thus they will happily issue me a Certification of Live Birth "certifying information on file with the Louisiana Department of Vital Records", hot off their laser printers. Every single person born in Louisiana apparently is not eligible for President according to the wingnuts. Wow!


  1. It seems as if the rabid right is actually trying to get itself committed to a mental health facility sometimes, and to be honest, it seems a fair portion of them would fit right in there.

  2. ...and the Rethuglicans continue to push for one party rule, their party....oh...wait...that would be like....communism, or theocracy, something that would be unConstitutional, but then isn't that what the Rethugs are all about...

  3. So, would that eliminate Bobby Jindal? Or was he born somewhere else?

  4. Piyush was born in Baton Rouge, TNW, so you're right, their own criteria would eliminate Piyush "Bobby" Jindal unless his parents have somehow managed to retain the actual paper certificate they received after Bobby's birth. Obama's parents of course are dead and in any event moved all over the world and lost his original during the moves (probably with help from thieving moving companies that love stealing anything that looks like it could be used to commit identity theft, grrr!).

  5. Republican is just another word for insane.

  6. someone should introduce a bill requiring a sanity test - that would elinimate 98.6% of all repbulicans, especially the complete MORONIC and INSANE MIchelle Bachmann

  7. nyah nyah nyah! i can beat that.

    the building where my original birth certificate was stored burned down years and years and years ago. i may or may not be in some computer somewhere. i probably shouldn't even be here.


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