Monday, March 09, 2009


That is the number of Americans who make over $250K/year.

That's a number to think about, as you listen to the right-tards scream and froth at the mouth about how a tax hike on those making over $250K/year would "destroy America". How can a tax hike on 2% of the nation "destroy America"? Well, to hear them tell it, apparently if 2% of Americans are taxed such that they no longer have over $250K/year to use to buy rental housing and stock in McScam Inc., then the whole economy will collapse. Or something. Hey, they're Republicans. Math is hard for them, have pity, okay?

-- Badtux the Numbers Penguin


  1. Yeah, pity the poor conservatards.

    Just like they say that the tax increase is gonna kill small business is a bunch of bunk. Most small business owners don't make anywhere near $250K/yr.
    I think most of them are lucky enough to bring home $50K to $75K/yr.

  2. They are just like any other red blooded American... they just don't want to pay more taxes. Heck, if they had their way they would not pay any taxes because they are the ones who are providing us peons with jobs out of the kindness of their hearts.

  3. Because they're Repiglickins, which means they're stoopit, they just KNOW they're going to be that rich someday. They're working at $25,000-a-year jobs stocking shelves at a convenience store, but they're gonna hit it big, just like Horatio Alger. Except they don't know who the f@ack he was because there's no TV show about him. But they'll fight to protect their masters' money -- duty now for their future!

    (Note to self -- contact someone in MSM propaganda networks with a pitch for an all-American rags-to-riches story to keep rubes sold on the myth that "You can become part of the Upper Crust too!" Great way to keep them looking at the bright shiny object instead of what's really happening...

  4. I agree that a tax increase is needed- though realistically I feel that it should hit the uber-wealthy the hardest. They are the ones with the means to hide lots of income, and they do.
    In truth, many of those who make from $250,000 to about $400,000 a year DO pay a substantial tax burden because of AMT.


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