Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New hobby

Listening to the airplanes coming in for a landing over my roof. I live underneath the end of an airport, so I might as well listen in on their conversations while my windows are rattling and my dishes are clinking...

Eeep! ATC just told an incoming plane that icing reported at a certain altitude. That doesn't sound good. Luckily icing never results in a plane crashing...

--Badtux the Scanner Penguin


  1. At least you'll know when they're gonna drop out of the sky.

  2. Well, I'll know that when the nose of the jet plane comes roaring through my patio door :-(.

    But seriously, I'm on the "safe" side of the apartment block, so hopefully my upstairs neighbors behind me will be the ones with the unexpected remodelling job if that ever happens. Besides, the planes are supposed to be over the railroad tracks and I'm about 1/5 mile from the railroad tracks...

  3. I suppose listening in is just icing on the brake. Cake... cake... that's what I meant... icing on the cake.

    CAPTCHA text: "kerchou"! (Reply: Gesundheit!)

  4. i used to live in the flightpath for mcCarron. can't say i ever got used to it. we used to have a good time getting pasted and going out on the porch to moon departing flights.


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