Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mutual grooming

Mencken is getting happily groomed as he sits on my lap, with me combing out his fur with the cat brush. He, in turn, is happily grooming my arm with his raspy tongue.

Life with cats continues...

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. My smaller dog (65lbs )goes out of her mind if I have a cut or scrape . She MUST lick it and make me better . Works pretty good for poision oak , her tounge is just the right roughness for a good scratch . The cat mostly waits till I am asleep , then she beats on me with her paws till I wake up and pet her .
    a cat and dog owned w3ski

  2. w3ski, The Mighty Fang will do that if he decides that I have slept long enough. I was frankly surprised that Mencken started grooming my arm, usually TMF is the one with the grooming fetish... I guess he's just acquiring a few of the habits of his roomie (they're not brothers or anything, they just happen to live in the same apartment).

  3. mine are sooooo selfish. nobody here ever returns any of the brushing they get from me.

    otoh, if i cover myself in organic catnip, i'll get sandpapered to death -- they'll snarf it up off the tabletop, but they prefer eating that stuff right out of my hand. maybe it's the salt.

  4. i wish carlow would let me brush him


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