Saturday, March 28, 2009

Better idiots, please

So some conservatives have been blathering about emigrating someplace other than the United States. Obama, they fear, is going to ruin the nation with his socialist health care system, high taxes, large role for government, and nationalization of various industries. So they've been talking about emigrating to... wait for it...

Costa Rica.

Yes, Costa Rica. Which has a socialist health care system, high taxes, large role for government, and nationalization of various industries. Not to mention a disdain for pushy gringos with an unwarranted sense of entitlement, the ticos lose their English quickly when an American comes in demanding things, and a tico jail followed by a swift deportation is the usual result.

Conservative idiots. Their ignorance of the world is the gift that keeps on giving.

- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

(H/T toBalloon Juice).


  1. Hey Tux -- odd to see your comment on Balloon Juice. I wandered over there from some other side, caught onto the thread about leaving the country, and down there at #104, there you are.

    I hope some of the righties try it, but the culture shock would kill them. Even here, as similar as it is to the U.S., there's been some difficult adjustments. (Mainly for Mrs. Bukko. I love this place!) Nobody on that comment thread suggested that the reichists go to the country their leader tried to re-make in his favoured image -- IRAQ! Yeah, that's the ticket!

  2. I think the tighty righties need to get better organized. Boortz is telling everyone with a medical degrees to head to the Bahamas.

  3. I don't think Costa Rica is large enough to hold that many idiots, do you?

  4. Kinda like they told ' us ' back in the 60's : America Love It Or Leave It !
    America , now with Democratic Government AND a Black President !
    I hope Costa Rica has lots of room !
    an amused w3ski

  5. As usual, the rethuglicans didn't do any research...just like Faux Newz, on research.
    Well I hope they all enjoy the Costa Rican prison system.

  6. What an interesting concept. I supposed that Costa Rica could cut a deal to transfer any prison overage to Venezuela or Cuba, as being an obnoxious Gringo is against the law in most of Central and South America.

    I think they might want to peruse the laws about land ownership before they buy their dream home.

    Costa Rica is a very nice place, but I think it may get a more interesting hurricane season if the recent trend continues.

    By all means, as many as want to go should take their money and go to Central America. The people have a sense of humor, especially when they find out you voted for Ronald Reagan.


  7. You mean, even though they are openly socialist, we can't just go there and demand they speak English, give us health care, tax free jobs, or any other self proclaimed entitlement? I'm not a republican, and I am not leaving my country. That's what people do when they are too cowardly to fix their own, and I would be stepping on my own arguments if I acted like Mexico.


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