Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh yeah...

What I spent my day doing: House cleaning, then discovering what color my carpet was under all the encrusted cat puke. My little Hoover carpet shampoo machine does a great job, but it's slow, slow, slow -- one tank of water cleans about five square yards of carpet, then it's time for a refill. But now I can proudly proclaim that my carpet is the color of... err, cat puke. Except not encrusted. It's that beautiful beige-tan color that was so fashionable in the mid 1990's when this apartment was built. Sigh.

-- Badtux the Cleaning Penguin


  1. Well look at it this way, your leg feels good enough to do all that cleaning, right?

  2. puke....the stain that stays FOREVER!

    It doesn't matter what color carpet you have, they always seem to deposit something that will clash.

  3. Gotta love the kittehs . My little girl had her breakfast in the kitchen , no rug . Calmly walked over to the rug after eating and proceeded to let out all the canned food she just ate !
    Kitthehs love em or kill em
    a sometimes joking w3ski

  4. Yeppers, Nunya, leg feels pretty good.

    Grandpa, the stains come out fine. The carpet is the color that it is, alas.

    w3ski, you describe Mencken perfectly. I swear, that kitteh has such a sour disposition it's a wonder he doesn't puke on my lap just to show his general disgust with the world. Of course, then he jumps on my lap and starts purring and wriggling around with pleasure as he gets his kitteh massage, and all is forgiven. Sigh.

    - Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


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