Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ze rules, zey are vor ze little peeples...

Paris Hilton goes home, after serving only three days in jail. Apparently she had "medical issues". Rumors are that the "medical issues" are these:

a) The soap made her complexion look, like, just so blotchy, y'know?
b) The food was just so aweful that she just could not eat it, and she just got so horribly hungry without cocaine to kill her appetite.

Meanwhile, thousands of ordinary men and women get to serve their full term despite having medical issues as dire as AIDS, kidney failure, and end-stage diabetes. But look, they're just little people. They're not offspring of the wealthy, like Little Ms. Hotel Chain. The rules only apply to the little people, not to the wealthy elite. Sheesh, what, you believe you live in a democracy rather than an oligarchy ruled by a small wealthy elite? Next thing you'll tell me is that you believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin

Aftermath: The judge, pissed, sent the spoilt little brat back to jail. She was crying and sobbing. Good. Maybe she'll learn something about why driving while drunk is a bad idea. We can hope, anyhow.


  1. Maybe the other prisoners insisted she leave. There is a down side to this for Paris - there goes the prison book deal! And I think she was hoping to lose some weight in jail. ;o)

  2. This is digusting. Plain and simple.

  3. I think her "unspecified medical problem" is that she was a royal pain in the sheriff's ass...

  4. I think that it just freaked her so much that she was going ballistic and they just didn't want to deal with it.

    So they got rid of her sorry, selfish, spoiled ass.

    But I would have made the spoiled bitch stay there.

  5. At least she got a cavity search. Actually, I have heard conflicting accounts. I really hope she did. I don't doubt that it didn't bother her.

  6. Angry - the report I heard is that they skipped the cavity search.

    Badtux - Money talks, Penguins walk.

    I expect these rehab failures, Lohan, Spears, and Hilton, will die young and become instant undeserved legends. The brainless American glam sluts love that shit.

    Save Ferris!

  7. Nick- I heard that also, and then I head that they actually went ahead with it. Turn your head and cough ladies and gents.

  8. Go Tux. Effing press conference pre-empted basically everything. I wonder whose pockets got lined to let her out. Give it a few months. She'll do it again.


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