Thursday, June 21, 2007

Air travel really stinks

I mean, really. It's bad enough that you have to run the gauntlet of TSA employees stealing your tasty pudding or groping your breasts (hmm, wonder if President Dick Cheney has his breasts groped when he flies commercial? Woo!) while letting people with knives carry them onto planes (granted, that was the British version of the TSA, but plenty of testers have managed to get knives and even guns past the TSA) and doing nothing about real security holes, but now you have actual real, live raw sewage running down the aisles?

I think my next trip "back home" I'll let the 'Hound do the driving...

-- Badtux the Flightless Penguin


  1. You forgot the joy of finding out the guy in the seat next to you has a potentially fatal communicable disease.

  2. My fiance and I are embarking on a 3,300 mile coast-to-coast move next week. We've already shipped most our possessions. We were going to sell my car and fly back, but decided that driving 3,300 miles was preferable to ever setting foot on an airplane again.

    I sympathize with people who have to fly for a living, like I used to.

  3. i have a ten day seven flight thing coming up. i am so not looking forward to it. the upside is that i will be traveling in the company of someone who gets to use VIP lounges and stuff so i hope by sticking close to them i might be lower on the "getting fucked with by TSA goobers" list. my last flight didn't go well at all. the metal that's in my knee kept beeping their wands, they kept asking me if i had a knee replacement i would say "no" and then they'd beep the wand again (right over a 12 inch surgical scar). i finally told a supervisor that if they gave me a sterile field i would open the son of a bitch up and show them the fourteen screws and big ass plate that's in there. . .

    i don't feel safer, i feel less free.

  4. Minstrel Boy, that's the whole idea. they're making us less free here so they can make more money there.

    Or something like that.

    I have a whole passel of articles about TSA and their foibles at my blog. You can also visit Bruce Schneier's blog at schneier (dot) com, and read what he has to say.

    One military expert has referred to TSA as "thousands Standing Around"... which is soooo true.


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