Monday, June 25, 2007

Binary Two

Black, white. Left, right. 0, 1. Binary.

For the person who said that I needed to get the cats their own bed: They have their very own futon, covered in fur (well, used to be blue denim, now it's pretty much fur). Needless to say, whenever I go into my bedroom to go to bed, they follow me in there and pretty much take over the place. You can see how much of the futon they take up. My guys are *BIG*!

That's a Walton C pennywhistle and a Generation Bb whistle, btw. And of course the case to my camera. The kitties run when I start tootling on the D whistle, but don't seem to mind the lower whistles. Hmm. Anyhow, thus far the Walton C, Walton Mellow D, and Generation Bb are my favorites, they're easy to control and in tune. And none of them are expensive -- all were purchased for under $10 apiece. As far as musical hobbies go, this definitely is one of the less expensive ones!

Mostly been busy with my Mac, trying to get Parallels set up so I can run my mapping software (which alas does not run under MacOS). Turns out that the store I bought it from at the time I bought my Mac was selling an old version, and I'm automatically eligible to upgrade to the new version, all I have to do is mail them a copy of my receipt along with a piece of paper they generated for me on their web site, then they'll email me the info needed to upgrade for free. After they get around to it. Whenever. Like, after they're finished surfing or climbing Mount Whitney or whatever they're doing other than supporting their customers (hey, anybody who is registering an old version in late June when the new version was released in early April obviously is entitled to the new version, but what do I know, I only have 25 years in the bizness and obviously they have more years, right?). Huh. Well, since I'm legally entitled to the new version according to their very own web site, I went on my favorite pirate site (hey, I'm in the computer security biz, you think I don't know where those guys live?) and got a key for the new one along with where to download it (off of the Parallels site!) and went ahead and installed it. When I get the new key back from the Parallels guys, well, then that'll just be gravy...

-- Badtux the Whistling Penguin


  1. the lower, bigger whistles are easier to control. but when it's time to play with the other kids, you'll begin to get behind the more strident tones of the little guys. there's something about picking up the little G whistle and rising above two guitars, string bass, mandolin and banjo to deliver the lines of a woody guthrie tune that is well, gratifying

  2. my 65 lb german shepherd is much the same. she has a bed, all her own. but, as soon as the lights go out, pooom! onto the bed. she always starts out by curling into a tight ball in a corner which suckers me into thinking, well, shit, it's not worth having to kick her off, by morning i'm hugging the edge. . .

  3. If I thought all that crap was important maybe I would get into it.

    But it isn't. So I go camping while you screw around with your computers and I keep running with Windows Me because it does what I need it to do.

    You geeks are just, well, idiots?
    Hugs, BBC

  4. Nice looking cats. It's funny, they know have a job to do and they do it well. "What job?" you ask... they have to lay fur all over the place. Mine seem to have the same employment. I had to take the laptop to work, but before I could, I had to brush the cat hair off the case. What a lot of it!

  5. i just love when you talk computer geeky - smile -- so how do you like parallels?

    kitty picture is nice...mine also have their won futon but i got black - sigh -- so it's covered with afghans...


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