Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday cat blogging

Mencken is not amused. He had been posing on top of the newspaper on the coffee table, like a good newspaper cat should, but the moment the camera came out... ZIPPP! Under the futon he went.

-- Badtux the Cat-chasing Penguin


  1. Friday?

    That's Wishful thinking, or one of us is caught in time ripple.

    I think the cat and Linux have messed up your inner clock.

  2. Date fixed. It was supposed to go into 'draft' mode with the correct date and got 'published' instead. Oh well, Mencken is simply going to have to star at the top of my blog for the next two days!

    And it's not the cat and Linux that have messed up my inner clock. It is China, where I've had to stay up far too long working with my counterparts on some important tasks. Let's just say that 8AM the next day in China is 5PM the previous day our time, and leave it at that. So in a few hours, it WILL be Friday... in China.

  3. I'll pretend its Friday. Hell, lets have an impromptu 3 day weekend.

  4. Aw... poor kitty. The bright light of celebrity scares Mencken. What a pretty kitty.


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