Sunday, June 17, 2007

Found my quilt!

The Mighty Fang investigates.

Yes, it's just a cheap Chinese quilt. But given the wear and tear that my kitties put upon quilts, it just doesn't make sense to put an expensive one there.

Number of stores visited:

2 Mervyns
1 Kohls
2 Targets
1 Macy's

Some of them had quilts, but not the correct quilt. They had quilts that looked like the kinda quilts that scare Evil Spock (i.e., like they belong in an Indian boudoir). They had soft pastel quilts that looked really girly-girl. They had formal Victorian quilts that made me wanna go find a starched collar and powdered wig to wear just looking at them. But finally, oh finally, The Quilt was encountered, thence to make its way to my bedroom. And yes, those are my MRE's in the corner...

-- Badtux the Quilted Penguin


  1. The Mighty Fang looks pleased.

  2. Glad there was this waiting for me after reading War Porn . . .

  3. I couldn't care less one way or the other what kind of quilt you got, but I'm very happy that The Mighty Fang is pleased!



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