Saturday, June 16, 2007

User interface design

From the Gnome Usability forum:

Perhaps you're snorting. What can be so hard about using a mouse, you wonder. After all, you've done it with supreme ease for as long as you can remember. But keep this in mind: Nipples are natural. Everything else has to be learned. Since it is doubtful that a computer interface based solely on sucking on nipples will be invented any time in the near future, we have to focus on making our existing interfaces as easy to use as possible.
This penguin, for one, is having trouble envisioning a computer interface based upon sucking on nipples, but is willing to try.

-- Badtux the Nipple-less Penguin


  1. Oh I see, going back to basics eh? Some geeks have a tough time finding the real thing so I s'pose a substitute is in order ;-)

  2. Think of it as the original binary code, except instead of 0 and 1, it's Left and Right.

    - Badtux the Irreverent Penguin

  3. You know my method, Watson...

    e.g.: As I said to my wife with one leg--- "Peg!"

    Scalzi imagines a world where smell is the language.
    A chapter long fart joke results to amuse us oh so limited ha-mins

    So is a mouse so easy?

    Or merely what you are used to?

    ... Apply them.


  4. I'm looking forward to that computer system ...

  5. My favorite keyboard has a nipple in the middle. It's that little red dot, and since I disable the trackpad, I use the nipple for navigating.

  6. I am having trouble imagining how you suck on that nipple, Lew. Doesn't that, like, slobber up your keyboard or something?

    - Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  7. I massage it gently with a fingertip. ;-)


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