Friday, June 15, 2007

My name is Badtux, and I am an addict

I have come to a shocking conclusion after five hours without high-speed Internet: I am an addict.

Yes, I, Badtux, am an addict. I am addicted to speed. Dial-up simply will not do. I am addicted to YouTube and its continual plate of high-speed-internet-needed goodies. I am addicted to browsing the blogs at the speed of light (or at least the speed of Comcast!) from a location, located only a few miles from Google, that is akin to quenching one's thirst from a vast river of data that flows far faster than any mere mortal can drink. I... I... I am addicted to high speed Internet.

The only good news about this addiction is that it is one which is not particularly harmful. And the withdrawal symptoms aren't that bad. I got to play with my new C and Bb pennywhistles that came today, as well as the SVEA 123 camping stove that was sitting on the stoop right beside the whistles. The dishes are chuckling away in the dishwasher, the clothes are swishing around in the washing machine.

Still, it is disconcerting to this penguin to find out that he is an addict. Please pray to the Great Penguin for me, okay?

-- Badtux the Addict Penguin


  1. I have come to the conclusion that I am a high-speed addict, also.

    I haven't had any problems since being on high-speed, it would drive me nuts if I lost access, then I would just run around the block until I could surf again, but I do that anyway, so my withdrawal symptoms wouldn't be noticable.

  2. me too, a explain my addiction away by saying that i truly do need it for my work, the brazilian porn is just something to pass the time. . .

  3. p.s.
    be sure to pack the Bb whistle when you go hiking/camping, find a place that makes nature sounds and you'll be amazed at being right there in its very own key. . .

  4. It can't be that bad... you manage to survive in the wilderness for days without browsing anything.

    I enjoy my vacation without the computer. But I really ought to invest more in my computer chair- it ought to be the most comfortable chair in the house because I certainly spend the most time here.

  5. Prayers have been sent to the Great Penguin.

    I don't have the high-speed so haven't become addicted. I know I would be if I had it!

  6. I could let you borrow my computer for a week, that will control your peed addiction!

  7. I don't believe in the Great Penguin...


  8. You are asking God to pray for you? Forget it, I don't even pray for myself. I pray for or to nothing.

    Utube, big deal, it's mostly a bunch of monkeys and penguins screwing around.

    I'm still on a modem and I'm just fine with that. Faster surfing wouldn't make my life any better and you are proof of that. Hugs

  9. Utube, big deal, it's mostly a bunch of monkeys and penguins screwing around.

    But God,
    Did you see the one where the monkeys put the mentos in the diet coke. Roxrs*.

    Broadband is a good start, but I'll only be happy when I can download butter. I'm not settling for margarine either

    *For the record, I have no idea what "roxrs" means.

  10. "roxrs"
    "Rocks our shorts"


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