Saturday, June 30, 2007

In the blogosphere, nobody ever knows where you are

Especially if you have a Macbook and a bluetooth phone that does DUN. Right now I could be anywhere in the US where Sprint offers EVDO data service... and I ain't tellin' ya.

-- Badtux the Migratory Penguin
Hmm, lots of posts about birds today!


  1. I've never been concerned about hiding myself. And the world hasn't beat a path to my door.

    Everyone that wants to know where I'm at can find out with just a few clicks.

    But I'll make it easy for you. I'm at 173 Avis St. Port Angeles, Wa.

    Drop in for a fireside chat and a beer if you drink some. But not tonight, it's my birthday and I've been at beer church for three hours and I'm going to bed now. Hugs.Science is still young in the scope of things. A lot of it and ourselves will be better understood in another five hundred years.

    You may not be here, but I will be.

  2. Well now, BBC, you're retahrd so can be a little more blase' about such things. Myself, I have to work for a living thus must be slightly more careful. My real name, phone number, and home address are easy to find out, but more than that... no.

  3. Happy birthday bbc! So what the hell is beer church? Does it have an altar that you can worship beer at? I'd say that's really good if that is the case. I'd bow down to some ice cold Corona!

    Oh...come on Badtux...the tight lipped penguin...tell a few secrets about know you want to.

  4. I'm with ya, BadTux. Like you, my real identity is easy enough to find if you have five minutes and know where to look. (I'm not a real doctor, I only play one on the internets.) I don't mind using my real name, but some of my bosses are grade-A certified asswipes who don't need to know of my blogging activities. I have Civil Service so they can't fire me, but there's a million ways they know to make my job hard if they so choose.

    I Googled myself once, and was surprised to find that there are still some ten-year-old posts from the old message board days where I used my real name that are still floating through cyberspace.

  5. Ha, ha, ha, you think I'm a retard. That is funny on levels that you can't even comprehend.

    Take care pal. Hugs.

  6. bbc...damnit! You didn't answer my beer church question!

  7. No, bbc, not a retard - but retired - BT just doesn't know how to spell. And, women should be more careful with all the weirdos out there on the internet - oh, no - are some of them here?

  8. The MAN can find anyone he wants to find. Strangers on the internets don't really need to know who you are or where you live, however. Neither does your employer need to know about your blogging activities.


  9. Oh gosh darn it, ah'm so tahrd of damnyankees comin' down here and tellin' us southern folk how to talk. Ah mean, y'all all talk like y'alls nose is gobbered or somethin', y'all ain't got no call to be talkin' down to us Southern folk like us. Even those WAY Southern folk of us who are tahrd but not retahrd, honey.

    -Badtux the Southern Penguin

  10. Sometimes Evil Spock wishes Evil Spock was more anonymous, but then again Evil Spock is a whore for attention.

  11. Sumo..... I'm sorry, I missed your beer church questions.

    Beer Church is any tavern that you choose to go to and drink at and share times with others. Hugs.


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