Thursday, June 21, 2007


Had a great idea for a song, so I turned on the mixer and adjusted my levels and fired up Audacity under Ubuntu Studio and set it up to use the USB recording system like I'd done a couple weeks before... and WTF? Nothing goddamned WORKS! Not a SINGLE bit of sound shows up in Audacity!

After doing everything I could to make it work, I said *fuck this shit*, threw everything off my goddamned desk (except the monitor, which is too damned expensive!), ripped all the fucking audio cables out of my goddamned Linux piece of shit box as well as the USB recording system, and plugged them into my Windows laptop. Fire up Audacity (the Windows version)... and everything Just Works(tm).

Of course by that time I'm completely out of the mood for writing a song, more in the mood for throwing my Linux box off the balcony of my apartment. Anyhow, methinks that the Ubuntu fucking Studio people need to get their fucking heads out of their asses and get their goddamned shit straight. Until they manage to make it so mere mortals can record shit under Linux without having to spend hours figuring out their deranged setup for how to jack music around, their bullshit is just that -- bullshit. Their useless fucking piece of shit software is fucking *GONE*, I'm just *TIRED* of this bullshit, I mean, c'mon, they have three goddamned fucking sound systems (ESD, Jack, aRts) fighting over who the fuck gets to actually manage the fucking audio ports? Fuck that!

That's it, I'm getting a Mac. Tomorrow. Bye!

-- Badtux the Pissed-off Penguin


  1. Other than all that, how are you?

    I want a new computer soon myself. Thinking of a Mac, not really sure what I want...

  2. Grrrr. Sweetheart, I hope you enjoy the Mac. You've certainly had a hard time with Linux even though it really is the "best".

  3. Yeah. I ha a date Wednesday, and 30 minutes before the time, the audio quit on my PC (which I've been using to play music). Well crap -- no time to diagnose. So I go over to the stereo. And guess what refuses to function. At all. The CD player.

    If you meet the man who invented the grammophone send him to me. Meddler!


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