Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fantasy Land

In Fantasy Land, people don't need food and water and roads and medicines. People need pieces of paper with pictures of dead Presidents. In Fantasy Land, torture is not pain and suffering and useless for anything other than fulfilling the sick sado-masochistic fantasies of its perpetrators and supporters, torture is what keeps ticking atomic bombs from going off every week on the color tee-vee. In Fantasy Land, nobody dies horribly in war, guts and brains spattered across the pavement and the smell of death upon the land. In Fantasy Land, why, after the day's shooting of "Survivor:Army" is finished, the corpses get up from the rubble where they lay, shovel their guts and brains back into their abdomen and brain pan, and go meet in the shooting shed for canapes with the director and more pictures of dead Presidents to compensate them for their troubles. In Fantasy Land, soldiers are made of the finest tin, not flesh and blood. They do not bleed, they have no mothers or fathers who love them, they have no dreams of their future, they're just... tin. In Fantasy Land.

Fantasy Land is not real, of course, and anybody who believes Fantasy Land is real is, to put it bluntly, batshit fucking crazy. Unfortunately, far too many people live in Fantasy Land. Our entire society -- indeed, much of the entire goddamned planet -- has basically gone off the track into utter lunacy, where stupid power games substitute for reality and idiotic ideologies compete to see which one can kill more people with their utter disdain for, like, real life. A real life filled with real people who hurt and bleed and hunger and dream.

Ah, but we so cherish our delusions... the only good news, I suppose, is that as the rising oceans drown more land due to global warming, there will be more room for aquatic waterfowl on this planet. Perhaps when the prophet Tux the Penguin came to Earth and preached the Sermon on the Iceberg he was correct when he stated, "blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth." What can be more meek than a penguin?

-- Badtux the Aquatic Penguin


  1. RealityLand is too dirty, the work is too hard, the pain is hurts too much, emotions suck.

    Must have more FantasyLand.

    Know where I can get some mo'? My baggie is almost empty.

    Smile, think about cute little puppie dogs and quit taking things so seriously, you want people to start thinking or something? Penguins need a fantasy life just like everyone else.

  2. Well, there is nothing we can do to fix or make it better. But at least I'm retired and do what I like.

  3. So rub it in, BBC. My generation isn't going to get to retire. We're going to be worked until we can't work anymore, then thrown out on the streets to die. That's RealityLand. Maybe that's why so many people prefer to live in FantasyLand instead. But FantasyLand isn't *real*...

    -- Badtux the Too-sane People

  4. Penguins meek? Not by Thorvald's experience. He did not choose a penguin as emblem of linux for its meekness.

  5. hehehe.... man, i dont know wether it sounds too naive, but this is the best piece of 4 para writing I have read all month.. yr use of imagery

    glad i reached here....


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