Saturday, June 23, 2007

Binary code

Black, white. Left, right. This is a queen sized bed that these guys are taking up. Where am I supposed to sleep? Oh yeah, that's right, I'm supposed to sleep in that itsy bit between them.

Methinks I need a *KING* sized bed...

-- Badtux the Cramped Penguin


  1. What! Those cats don't have their own queen size bed, each!

    They're going easy on you. No wonder they like to jump on you when your in their bed. You have to learn your rightful place in that house.

    Now, while their napping you should be out buying more tuna and herring, and the other feline necessities.

  2. When I had two kittens sleeping in my room, they would curl one on each ear, so I could only sleep facing straight up, and I felt like I was wearing a Princess Leia hairdo. Unfortunately, I dreamed about wookies.

    If you roll over on top of them, they tend to get out of the way.

  3. My partner thinks the way you do. I just move them over and they snuggle up. You just want a bigger bed, Badtux!

  4. Why Fnag doesn't have his own bed I can't understand.

    Oh, right. You drive a $25,000 Jeep... ;-)

  5. Damn.

    Of course I meant "Fang."

    Fucking Blogger...

  6. BT, I can tell you from experience... if you buy a king, they'll just stretch out more. Notice how they are currently semi-curled-up; for a cat, that is quite uncomfortable. Buy a king so they can really stretch out!

  7. stop yer whining until you've slept in MY bed. i have two cats -- a 12 pound female and a 23 pound male (he's got a head the size of a softball) -- and two cocker spaniels who, by their sheer total weight, make it impossible for me to shift the covers once they're all in place ...

    as far as the hair on your futon, might i recommend a good quality velour cover. i have one on my futon that the cats and dogs all used until i got a new couch and moved it to the guest suite in the basement, now just the cats use it, and it is remarkable in that the hair simply will not stick to it, just flat out refuses. velour is the most amazing cat/dog hair repellent fabric in the world. no kidding.


    the always anonymous karen marie


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