Thursday, June 21, 2007

Public Service Announcement

If you are going to do the nasty with someone behind your Significant Other's back, be discreet about it. Make sure you know where your Significant Other is when you're doing it, and for cryin' out loud, don't do it where you can scare the pets. Especially if one of the pets is a parrot.

-- Badtux the Public Service Penguin


  1. The answer is obvious. Chris should have taught Ziggy to say "Hello, sailor," which is still a byword in the UK.

  2. Let me tell you about the only truly funny trauma I ever worked...

    It was about this time of year, and probably three or four years ago - had to be at least that long, I left that inner city hellhole 2 1/2 years ago...

    We had just finished up one trauma and sent the GSW vic on to surgery, and the bay wasn't even cleaned yet - suddenly this god-awful racket sets up from the ambulance bay. There is a private car, stopped less than an inch from the doors, and the weight of the car has the automatic doors open. The dude gets out of his car and heads for the dirty bay, dripping blood on the floor all along the way...propelling himself to the bay where we treated him the LAST time he was shot.

    He has a paper sack full of contraband and a shotgun on the front seat, and he has been shot in the ass and the bottom of the foot.

    There are only two ways those wounds could have happened, He was either running away, or he was "horizontal" and someones S.O. got pissed about the whole deal. As I was in the room and cut his clothes away, and saw the trajectory of the entrance wounds, my money is on the latter.

    Oh - and when we cut his clothes off, a shitload of little baggies with sticky icky and white rocks went flying all over the floor. I stepped back, looked at the cop in the corner and said "I ain't even touching that shit. Glove up and gather your own evidence." (Been around the block enough times to know where the "you have to testify" lines are.)uo


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