Thursday, June 07, 2007

Important question of the day

In a war for world domination, would Dr. Zaius's monkey army, Evil Spock's radioactive ant army, or this humble penguin's penguin army prevail?

Curious penguins want to know!

-- Badtux the World Domination Penguin
But hey, penguins are kick-rear anti-ship missiles...


  1. I think those fluorescent pink feet would prevent them from sneaking up on the enemy, but their greatest weapon is projectile defecation.

  2. What is it with world domination?

    We are one, why can't everyone just get along and treat each other and the planet right?

    Oh, we wouldn't be able to own Jeeps then because they are hard on the planet.

    A little confused are you? Well join the party.

  3. What part of "irreverent silliness" goes *swoosh* right over your head? Hmm?

  4. Please. Earth monkeys are nothing to worry about. They're pushovers. It's the extraterrestrial monkeys we need to worry about. Everybody knows that.

  5. Evil Spock has
    Insecticons and Killer Wasps

    Not only that, Evil Spock has an alliance with
    undead superheroes

    Bring on those penguins!

  6. Why not pass the time with a game?

  7. My dear sir, I believe that you have severely underestimated the military effectiveness of my gorrilla army. My crack troops are the finest soldiers on the face of the earth.

    I have also recently acquired a complete line of fembot assassins from an associate, Dr. Goldfinger. You would do well to reconsider any rash actions that you may have in mind against Ape City on the part of your penguin army.

    I suggest a mutual non-aggression pact, in defense against Evil Spock and the scourge of his egg-covered transvestite panda pornography.

    One of my many simian diplomats has already signed a similar non-aggression pact with the Pirate Penguins.

    Also in my employ is a complete chimpanzee legal staff, who are well equipped to handle any of the possible nasty legal wrinkles that may crop up.

  8. I would have thought the undead, flying monkeys, killer insects, and military penguins all made natural allies. Silly me...

  9. Evil Spock suggest splitting the world into three areas.

    Evil Spock suggests that Badtux rule Oceania, Dr. Zaius shall get Eurasia, and Evil Spock will take over Eastasia.

  10. Check this out and watch who prevails...

    Who might be surprised...

    Don't know how to link it directly.. sorry about that.

  11. we'll get you for penguin brutality Lurch, mark my words


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