Thursday, November 08, 2007


Who cares about whether Hillary left a tip at her table, or whether a campaign worker instead added a tip to the bill at the cash register? Uhm, shouldn't we learn something about her policies, about what she's going to do as President?

This is it. This is what our so-called "press" has degenerated into. It's fucking Entertainment Tonite, identical to their coverage of "I'm with crazy!" Katie Holmes+nutty hubby and Brittney Speares' latest child custody hearing. Covering the campaign to choose the next President of the United States, arguably the most powerful leader of any nation since Julius Caesar strode the earth, as if it were just some Hollyweird gossip column is.. bizarre. More than bizarre. It is a crime, and I suggest that every single "reporter" who does that kinda shit ought to be flogged with limp noodles and relegated to a job as a pooper scooper at the Barnum & Bailey Circus.

-- Badtux the Eye-rollin' Penguin


  1. Yeah, who gives a hoot. Hillary for preznut. *rolls eyes*

    “Vacancy of justice” …. I spotted those words in some of my notes. Don’t recall why I wrote them, they mean anything to you?

  2. The circus needs a simple narrative. To report on substantial policy issues would cut into the commercials.

  3. so true...haa - i have two words for you ~ ron paul....

    number one reason to look at him is he's NOT on the three ring circus we call the TV


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