Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mission accomplished!

Pravda on the Hudson announces Baghdad so safe that 20,000 Baghdadis go home.

Hooray! A few thousand returned, 4,000,000 to go. And another 1,000,000 aren’t returning anywhere. Because they’re dead. D-E-A-D. But hey, it’s just a little thinnin’ of the herd on Dubya’s Messopotamian ranchy, it ain’t like they was, like, PEOPLE or nothin’.

The pre-war estimate of Iraq’s population outside of Kurdistan was about 20 million people. In short, our little war for—uhm, what was the war for, again?—has managed to kill or displace 1/4th of the population of Iraq. A few thousand return to Baghdad? Yeah, big accomplishment. Can we just put a “Mission Accomplished” sign over the place and go home, now?!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. So, out of those Iraqis who left their homes who are still alive, that makes a whopping 0.5% of them back home! What a success story!


  2. Of course they can come back. Ethnic cleansing and barricading of neighborhoods has partitioned Baghdad into neat little ethnically separate areas.

    Here's an interesting post that shows how much the militias accomplished (though Gen. Petraeus used a map that dishonestly avoided illustrating this). With partitioning nearly complete, is it any wonder that violence is down?

    The big question is, what happens when the barricades come down? Or do the local militias make sure they never come down?

  3. "Pravda on the Hudson" is the Fox news organization, not the New York Times.

  4. Four words, Drumwolf:

    Judith Miller
    Robert Novack

    Two of the finest propagandists in the business, instrumental in Dear Leader's little jihad for, uhm, why are we in Iraq again? Fine employees of Pravda on the Hudson.

    Pravda is a print organization. Tass was the television organization of the Soviet Union. Thus Faux News is Tass On The Hudson, not Pravda on the Hudson. And of course, we have Izvestia on the Potomac...

    -- Badtux the Press History Penguin

  5. Okay. War over folks. We accomplished the mission: supporting the Iraq undertaker's association and popping the Baghdad housing bubble (Wasn't that what it was about?)


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