Thursday, November 01, 2007

As the Iraqis stand up...

Iraqi Army being trained by a U.S. trainer:

Wait -- you mean we're going to give these guys guns?

If the criteria for getting out of Iraq is that these guys will take our place, we're gonna be there for a hundred years...

-- Badtux the "Laughing sadly" Penguin


  1. Please...that can't be real. They're all retards.

  2. Hey, why did you disable comments for the latest post? Yes, I've experienced that many times over the years. I'm an old country hick and have help many broken down folks over the years, and other country folks have helped me over the years. It's our way as the BMW's and new Jeep's wizz past us. Just saying. :-)

  3. Uhm, BBC, the other post tells you where to go to post comments on it. You go to the other site. That way all the comments are in one place. Duh.

    -- Badtux the "Read, man! Read!" Penguin

  4. yeah...the united states military is facing impossible odds when it comes to training fucking sand niggers. they do not want to fight for their country. so were stuck there

  5. Well, we had a solution in South Vietnam when it became clear that the South Vietnamese weren't particularly interested in fighting for their own country (in the Easter Offensive of 1972, the ARVN lost an entire tank division to the North Vietnamese without a shot fired -- the tankers simply got out of their tanks, shed their clothes, and ran like hell for the hills). If every South Vietnamese had taken up arms against the invading North Vietnamese it would have been a bloodbath but the NVA could have never conquered South Vietnam. But I've read first-person accounts from South Vietnamese boat people who ended up in the United States. They refused to believe that the North Vietnamese were worth war to avoid conquest, and sat on their hands in their homes calmly waiting for the North Vietnamese to take over, rather than getting out there and fighting for their country. They found out the hard way that they were wrong. I have no sympathy.

    It just isn't worth fighting on behalf of people who don't want to fight for themselves. We found that out the hard way in Vietnam -- then forgot it.

    - Badtux the Unsympathetic Penguin


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