Thursday, November 22, 2007


Penguin style.


  1. Not such a bad spot. Better than a mall parking lot, anyway.
    Hell, it wasn't raining or snowing or blowing, was it?
    Cheer up!
    If it kills you.;)

  2. I see homes in the background. You call this camping? You call this country? You had to buy a bike to go there?

    Ha, ha, ha. Hell, I can look across the street and not see a home. And what is with that puny little tent? Are you going to hide in it if it rains all day long?

    Boy, if you are going to go camping learn how to do it. Hugs.

  3. That's different from what's seen as camping here in Santa Barbara...

  4. Marty: Huh? I assure you I was quite happy to have a comfortable base camp in the desert while I roamed on my motorbike. Not that it was THAT comfortable. The nearest telephone, for example, was 100 miles away, and the only electricity was the generator behind the restaurant in the background that made an annoying whine all night long because the nearest electrical lines were similarly 100 miles away. The whole population of this area can be counted up on your fingers and toes.

    Beeb: We already know you're a bitter disgruntled old man who thinks he is better than other people because of where he is, but now you prove you're ignorant of motorcycle camping. If it rains all day, you ride somewhere else that it's not raining. If it's still raining at the end of the day, you check into a hotel. Not that it is going to rain all day in the desert anyhow! As for the tent, it is a standard backpacking tent called a "Tarptent Rainbow" that is used by hundreds of people each year to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. I realize that backpacking did not exist when you were young (other than as what soldiers did), but sheesh. Get with the modern era, dude!

    Cookie: Maybe that's Beeb's idea of camping :-). Not mine. Mine is either backpacking, or strapping my backpacking gear onto my motorcycle and going somewhere.


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