Sunday, November 11, 2007

Laundry Cat is not amused

He is, however, bright and shiny clean.

-- Badtux the Laundry Penguin


  1. The smell of "Bounce" and a warm dryer. Paradise for a cat

  2. Indeed. What had him not-amused was the fact that I was disturbing his heat soak with my camera. He looked up at me with the expression of supreme un-amusement that you see, then promptly curled back up and went back asleep -- the next four photos on that SD card are of a black lump with pretty much no distinguishing features taking up the top of the drier. Warm driers are not to be wasted on silly things such as posing for photos!

  3. That look says "Leave me alone or I will shove that camera up your ass".


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