Thursday, November 01, 2007


Let's say you're broken down by the side of the road. You step out and open the hood, then stand by the car looking at it helplessly because the radiator hose has split wide open and let your car's life blood run out. You pull out your cell phone to call AAA, and discover that it has no bars -- there's no cell phone service here. Now what?

Now, let's say that two cars are coming down the road. One is a new BMW. The other is a rusty old pickup truck. You try to flag them down. Which one will stop?

If you said "the rusty old pickup truck", you are absolutely correct. I saw this happen myself. A Chinese guy managed to crash his car into the mountainside, and the guy who stopped to help was your typical redneck-looking guy with a scruffy beard and greasy hair driving an old pickup truck. The redneck finally pulled out a chain from the back of pickup and towed the Chinese guy to the nearest source of food and shelter, a small campground and restaurant about a mile away. But why? Why would someone who doesn't have much be the one to stop, while the person in the expensive new car goes right by? And what does this say about the way liberals stereotype rednecks as a bunch of violent evil misfits who should be exterminated as a menace to society (squeal like a pig, huh)?


-- Badtux the Slavery-observing Penguin
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