Thursday, November 08, 2007

Did founder of Nuevo KKK steal millions?

CNN implies, but never outright states, that Chris Simcox, founder of the New KKK branch called "Minuteman Defense Corps" whose motto is basically "Keep them Mexicans in their place", stole millions of dollars of donations intended to build an Israeli-style border fence.

If true, I'm not surprised at all. The whole anti-Mexican crusade has been a red herring from the beginning, intended to divert attention from the fact that the reason these Mexicans are here is because our ruling elite prefers to hire illegal Mexican slaves rather than free Americans when it comes to hiring workers. Otherwise the Mexicans wouldn't have a chance in hell of competing with better-trained better-educated American workers. It is the fact that they are illegal, not the fact that they work for cheap, that has allowed the Mexicans to drive American workers out of the construction industry -- contractors appreciate workers who have no rights, who can be ripped off with impunity, who can't complain about unsafe working conditions or lack of restrooms or etc. because the contractor could call La Migra on them, and the whole money thing is just icing on the cake.

Fundamentally, the anti-Mexican crusade is bought and paid for by the same people who hire the illegals, in order to make sure that the illegals stay illegal. Because if they became legal, they'd have rights. Can't have that. In short, the whole anti-Mexican crusade is a scam run by and for the same people responsible for bringing the illegals in, and if Wilcox scammed people out of money, it would be no surprise at all -- I don't know if he was in on the scam from the beginning, but a scam is a scam, and eventually scammers show their true stripes.

-- Badtux the Scam-spottin' Penguin


  1. of course he did. i especially like the part where that fence they put up on the ladd ranch was a cattle fence, won't even slow down people, but will keep american cattle in, and mexican cattle out.

    sheepie humans.

  2. I always find it funny that the same people who wring their hands over illegal immigration into this country wouldn't mow a lawn or clean a toilet to save their life.

  3. Well, not so funny, Kat, is the fact that the illegals have driven pretty much all Americans out of the construction industry, which was formerly a high-paying area where people with not much "book smarts" but a lot of practical smarts could make a good living. Not because they do better work than the Americans. But, rather, because as illegals, they have no legal rights under American law -- if they complained, they could be deported. A free man finds it hard to compete with a slave...

    That said, to blame people who are just as much victims as the American constructions for this problem is ridiculous. The real perps are the folks who make sure the illegals stay illegal and thus slaves. I have no doubt that my relatives can compete with Mexicans just fine on an equal basis -- they're better trained, more experienced, and have better English communication abilities (duh). But there isn't an equal basis, and won't be as long as the illegals stay illegal and thus slaves. In short, the whole "keep the Mexicans in their place" crusade is a scam from day one, that hurts Americans more than the alternative -- deliberately, for the profit of the construction industry.

    - Badtux the Construction Penguin

  4. yes - truer words were never spoken my friend;y penguin....keep up the great posts!!

  5. When they built the Lowes and the Wal-Mart down here they brought in their own workers in buses from "out-of-state". When the buildings were done, they were left here and had a hard time finding work initially because we didn't have too many Spanish speaking contractors.

    Since then the contractors have located bi-lingual supervisors from "out-of-state" and the local construction people have had a hard time finding decent paying jobs.

    I do admit that there has been a definite improvement in the quality of Mexican and Central American food in the area. Too bad fewer people can afford to go to restaurants these days.


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