Wednesday, November 07, 2007

#!%@ Motorcycle wiring!

I'm wiring up my headlamp to relays for the low and hi beams, hooked to 14 gauge wiring instead of the wimpy wire that Kawasaki shipped with the KLR. Now, understand, I already have hacked the wiring system on my KLR in a way that makes this job easier. I already had a fuse block under the left side of the cowling that has 14 gauge wire going all the way to the battery, and the only real current draw on that fuse block is the 35 watt grip heaters -- everything else (cruise control, GPS, voltmeter, etc.) is very low draw. When I had to replace the stock headlight socket because I managed to melt it with a 100 watt bulb (oops!), I also used "bullet" connectors inline to connect the old wiring to the new wires in the headlight socket, so that I could later add this relay mod.

Only thing is, I forgot just how cramped and difficult to work in it is under that cowling. Plus the #$%@# wiring is just plain *out of control*. I have more wires than air under there now!

Good thing I don't live in West Scranton, PA or I might really be fucked... Oh well. Got the high beam relay working tonight. Made a *significant* difference in how much light I got out of the dim glow-worm that is the front headlight of the KLR. Next I do the low-beam relay. Oh joy.

Next bike, I buy the bleepin' Eastern Beaver relay kit and be done with it. All this wire-cutting and connector-crunching is for the birds, and I ain't talkin' penguins!

-- Badtux the Wrenchin' (and cursin') Penguin

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  1. Oh yeah, I remember now, having to use small needle nose pliers to hold on to the wires because you can't get your fingers in there.
    Trying to crimp connectors on, oooooooh fuuuun,so much shit in the way.
    good luck Badtux, the wiring penguin!


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