Friday, November 16, 2007

Bat For Lashes - Trophy

This is an odd bit of art-house indie rock by a Pakistani-Brit (father was Pakistani, mother was British). The cross-cultural influence can definitely be heard in the rhythms and phrasings. Natasha Khan has quite a set of pipes on her too.

-- Badtux the Music Penguin


  1. Wow. Thanks for letting me know about them.

  2. CA was responding to the original post from YouTube. I've been having trouble posting YT videos to Blogger (WTF is with that? They're both owned by Teh Google!), so I originally posted it with just the message contents "testing123". Once it actually appeared on my blog I then went in and edited the text to its current text. CA is responding to the original "testing123" contents.

    MB, one of the things about this video is that it is *live*, at a night club type venue, and the audio is taken directly from the mix with no post-processing (PunkCast gets permission to tape stuff like this from bands and night club owners in the NYC area, but as you may imagine from the name, isn't into glitzing things up). So this young lady's pipes are not getting the benefit of a nice warm studio mike, a buncha post processing to "warm up" her voice, etc. She can just friggin' SING. (And ain't so bad to look at either, in a hippie chick sorta way).

    K. Ron, I can't claim credit for coolness enough to find stuff like this. In this case, I found a different video by this same artist on Comandante Agi's web site, The Amazing Guys From Area 51. I liked this particular video better though because it better showcased the cross-cultural influences in her music as well as being one of the more incredible live performances that I've seen by a small art-rock band using a minimum of instruments and virtually no effects. It takes real chops to pull this kinda shit off live, especially amazing when you consider that, until three years ago, Ms. Khan really wasn't much into music (she was more into performance art and spoken word).


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