Sunday, November 25, 2007

In the desert

It's funny, how some people look at the desert and just see rocks and dirt and dead things. I post a photo of my campsite in the desert, and these people think it's some sort of horrible place, rather than one of the most interesting places on the planet. What's with that?

-- Badtux the Puzzled Penguin


  1. i get the same puzzled look on my face tux. but i also take a measure of comfort from remembering that as long as they continue to feel that way i will be able to find one of the most treasured reasons i go out into the desert, solitude and quiet.

  2. Some people are dumb. I liked yer photos. I live in a much greener part of the country- so it's a kind of beauty I'm not used to- but I like it all the same.

  3. They are afraid of the "other." They never stop long enough to look around and notice that the desert is very much alive, although in a different way.

    I always enjoyed driving West in the early Spring when the desert would suddenly bloom overnight in response to a rain.

    Most of the US rarely ventures outside, so those of us that do have more space to enjoy.

  4. Sorry you took my remark as negative. I've camped in much worse and in what I consider better. You seemed downs in the beak. I thought your normal snark'n'sneer was fully engaged. Thought you might be cheered up.
    Ship's crossing in the night.


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