Friday, November 16, 2007

Action sequence

This is an animated picture that runs for five minutes long. Please watch it carefully. What? You mean it didn't do anything?

Uhm, yeah. After his initial disdainful "what, why are you bothering me?" look, Laundry Cat went back to his vibrating heat soak. This apparently is the cat equivalent of one of those vibrating heated barcaloungers, because no matter how many photos I took over the next five minutes, he didn't budge one millimeter from the position you see.

-- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin


  1. Pixel advises Laundry Cat to ignore the ignorant bleatings of his human and sit on the dryer as long as possible.

    - translated from a serious of paw movements by Lab Kat

  2. He's simply waiting for his loyal staff to make his bed from the warm, fresh products to be removed from the catolounger.

  3. Laundry Cat needs no such advice. After one disdainful look, he returned to his heat soak and utterly ignored me. I just wonder whether he prefers "Cottons" or "Permanent Press" as his preferred vibrator/heating pad combination.

  4. Great...Laundry Cat is the hero of the day!

  5. Badtux.... You are so full of crap that you don't don't know what you are talking about. I'm not a hundred miles from nowhere and we have all the services you do without your big city shit that goes along with it.

    You just don't like country, and it may not like you. :-)

  6. The original radiators in my house are heavy sheet-metal rectangles about two feet high, 3-5 feet long and about 8" wide. The hot water circulates through them and the rooms are heated. But they are so PURRfect for warming the bodies of cats that as soon as they get warm they are occupied by five of the loveliest, smartest, coolest cats anywhere. Ariel, Bucepahlus, Caledonia, Phoenecia, and the vibrant Antioch who will tell you without any prompting that he is the everythingest cat going. He may VERY well be right (er correct. I don't want anything to be right in MY home!!!)

  7. funny thing -- i left the "animation" runnng for several minutes, and three of the kittens were totally entranced.

  8. Hey badtux... Did you know Apes love cat's too? Yeah... really! LOL

    Check this out. ;)

    I love the great Cat sayings (that are just so true! As any cat owned person knows!) LOL

    Enjoy! :)


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