Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Talking about racism...

Today is Freakout de Mayo, where all the tighty righty whitey racists come in from cavorting in the woods where they were dancing around burning crosses wearin' bedsheets and whine that them filthy Messicans is celebratin' an un-American holiday called "Cinco de Mayo" which is apparently about chugging tequila, eating tacos, and marching in colorful parades.

Of course, the majority of them "filthy Messicans" have been here on American soil longer than the bedsheet wearers, given that the average Mexican is about 99% Indio and 1% Spanish, and most of the celebratin' is being done in parts of the country where they've been living for longer than the United States of America has even existed. And most of them are, as I've pointed out in the past, better Americans than most Americans -- they work hard, go to church on Sunday, believe in family, yada yada yada. I'm wondering if most of the tighty righty pantie soiling is caused by envy...

-- Badtux the Holiday Penguin


  1. Tux
    Around here there is one city in particular that has a large portion
    Of Mexicans. It's field time around here getting ready for the growing season. Believe me these people are treated like shit. The lowest of the lowest all think there better than them. When a kind word or a smile is given to them their reaction is that of such surprise. They work so hard and sure they travel in groups, so what so do the Amish. We have a bunch of them too.

  2. Envy? Not hardly.

    Racism, pure and simple.

    I've been to Mexico. People there work their asses off.


  3. It's hard not to be racist. I suspect, if you truly disagree with that statement, you haven't dealt with your own racism. We all grow up in some sort of US vs THEM environment. Being truly non-racist requires questioning a LOT of ingrown assumptions.

    I work at it.


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