Saturday, May 01, 2010

May Day, Labor Day

Pete Seeger asks, are you on the side of the working man, or are you on the side of Don Blankenship, the walking piece of murderous anti-union shit who killed those miners in West Virginia by buying judges and paying off regulators and preventing the miners from getting together to unionize and fix the mine to be safe?

May 1 is Labor Day in most of the world. Not in the United States, because May 1 is the anniversary of the Haymarket Strikes in support of an 8-hour work day, strikes that led to the Haymarket Massacre, where armed police officers opened fire upon protesting strikers. A day which commemorates an actual strike against abusive factory owners certainly could not be allowed, it might give people ideas. So May 1 is pretty much ignored in the United States, while it's a major, major holiday in the free world.

So it goes, in Soviet America, where we pretend we're free... and ignore any evidence that we aren't.

-- Badtux the Sovok Penguin


  1. May Day?!?

    What are you - some kind of socialist pinko Commie librull?

    I am shocked - shocked I tell you.

  2. Don't forget to wish the old commie, WWII veteran, river cleaning folk singer a happy 91st birthday on Monday. He is a National Treasure.

  3. Yes, Jazz, clearly because I post articles advocating a regulated free market where workers have the same rights as corporations to organize into employee-owned employee contracting companies, I'm a pinko Commie librull ;).

    Montag, I'm just baffled as to how Pete has survived this long. Musicians typically die young, it's not a lifestyle conducive to a long life, between the long days on the road eating unhealthy road food, the lack of anything resembling actual health care (due to lack of health insurance), and so forth. Every minute Pete Seeger still breathes is one precious minute that we have that we don't deserve to have and should cherish. Alas, far too many people would say "Pete who?" when you say that to them. So it goes.

    - Badtux the Musical Commie Penguin

  4. Montag! How can you show your screen name here? It's bad enough that your wife is addicted to plastic surgery and pain meds, but now I find out that you're behind the shitty deals of Goldman Sachs?!? Why don't you run off to the woods and read a book or something?

  5. Bukko you mistake me. You are ranting about the Upper Case Montag. I am the lower case montag, a humble fireman who burns books to heat my dinner. Much more satisfying than burning dinner to cook books.

    And another thing Bukko, when are you going to fire up your own blog? You have the gift for it.

  6. Bukko lives in one of those British Commonwealth nations where freedom of speech is limited, so he would need to be careful about his blogging. Commonwealth nations are a common location for jurisdiction shopping (see "McLibel" case) when large multi-national corporation wish to quash the free speech of journalists or activists.

    - Badtux the Helpful Law Penguin


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