Monday, May 17, 2010

The odd man out

Okay, so I'm moving at the beginning of next month into a place where the current tenant is moving by the end of this month. So today I called or contacted all the utilities I need to be switched to the new place:

  1. PG&E -- gas service
  2. Silicon Valley Power -- electricity
  3. Comcast -- Internet
There was no problem with any of those guys, except one. Three guesses as to which one. Yep, the Company Formerly Known As Comcrap Compost Comcast, ne Xfinity, which tells me they can't arrange for my service to be installed until the previous tenant calls them to tell them the date he's discontinuing his service.

Okay, so I can see that having two of us paying for cable service at the same time doesn't work. But why wasn't it a problem for PG&E and Silicon Valley Power, which are happy to schedule the changeover but cancel the changeover if the previous tenant doesn't in fact, leave, but it is a problem for Compost? Wait, they're Comcraptastic, I forgot. Alrighty, then!

-- Badtux the Snarky Penguin


  1. Comcast... the Sarah Palin of the utilities world. Totally useless, totally stupid, yet convinced of its own greatness.

    Alrighty, you betcha.

  2. ComBastards scores again, another dissatisfied customer!

  3. Maybe because PG&E has finally read the memo that they can send some slavey to read the meter?
    Comcast is left asking 'What's a memo?'

  4. I call them Calmcast, because the service worked OK when it was calm. When it rained, it pixelated on the TV badly and dropped the Internet connection. BLEH!

    We were so hot to get away from Concast that we jumped on the Verizon waiting list. Two days after we got our installation, the guy from Verizon showed up to tell us that we could get Fios. He was pretty shocked to hear that we already had it in, but we were motivated to change them to Gonecast.


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