Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Mercy

In which I make noise. Me jamming a bit prior to packing away the music equipment for my move.

-- Badtux the Musical Penguin


  1. I bet that pissed off the neighbors.

    That's right - you're moving.


  2. Okay I was away for awhile, Move???
    Good for you!! Your playing is good.
    If I'm good, could you try some Muddy Waters or Some Stevy Ray...
    I'd like to watch your technique.
    Rock and Roll for ever!!!!

  3. One Fly, it's a Roland Micro Cube, not exactly the loudest amp in the world (it has a 5 inch speaker and an awesome 2 watts of power). Besides, I'm playing it into a Prosonus Firebox digital audio recorder to record, the headphones on my head are the monitors from the Firebox. I can definitely appreciate the sentiment though, I hate my neighbors, from the Japanese sumo upstairs who never sleeps while thump thump thumping around, to the trashy people downstairs who have a friggin *sofa* out on their patio (no, not a patio one, a living room one, with stuffing coming out!), which makes the place look worse than a trailer park! And it's not as if my landlord could evict me, given that I gave'em my 30 day notice over a week ago ;).

    Tim: Yep, I'm moving to a bigger place. As for my guitar playing, thanks for the compliment, but this one is pretty much all my Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic and the Elixir Nanoweb strings and the drop-D tuning I'm using on this song making me sound good. That is a sweet little guitar that is ridiculously easy to play (less easy to play in tune but it's supposed to be easy to shove out of tune, you just have to learn how to feel the note in). The Elixir Nanowebs are Teflon-coated I think and make it ridiculously easy to slide around on the fretboard, it's like your left hand is greased(!), and drop-D basically lets you ignore all the various chord shapes you've learned over the years other than D and A and just slide all over the place to get at what chord you want. So I've just been playing with my guitar to develop some technique for drop-D, basically ear training for the drop-D fretboard, but if you watch you'll note that I'm not doing anything pyrotechnic, other than the occasional slide pull-off to drop back down to open which is more flash than effect.

    As for covering some Muddy Waters or Stevy Ray, no can do. I *do* cover other people's songs, but for legal reasons I don't post the covers on the Internet. And what I cover is alt-country and folk stuff on my acoustic guitar, not anything electric, I've only had the electric for six months now and am still learning it.

    - Badtux the Songwriting Penguin

  4. Tux
    My son plays in drop D, I'm going to try it.
    Did I mention he's going on tour in Europe, Crazy stuff

  5. Drop-D isn't a panacea, it's useful for a particular sound -- in my case, for the drone+lead technique that I'm using here -- but it all depends on what you're trying to do, and on what guitar you're trying to do it. My acoustic still lives in standard tuning, but for a guitar as sweet as my Duo-Sonic, where the short scale and light strings and round frets allow sliding all over the place, Drop-D or even more open tunings make a lot of sense because this is a seriously slinky slidey guitar by nature. I use drop-D as a compromise between standard tuning and open tunings because my fingers are accustomed to the chord shapes of standard tuning. There's an alternate tunings guide on the Internet that is excellent, you should read it, a *lot* of good stuff there :).

    - Badtux the Guitar Penguin


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